Monday, December 6, 2010

Linguini with Marinara & Salad

So I'll admit it, I cheated tonight!!! My husband wasn't supposed to be in town but work got crazy and he ended up being here tonight! I found this out about 30 minutes before hew as supposed to be home, so panic set in and I yanked the last bottle of pre-made pasta sauce out of the pantry and seasoned it a little more with my favorite secret seasonings (balsamic vinegar does WONDERS to marinara). Then I cooked up the linguine (I left the water boiling on the stove until he called and said he was leaving) and chopped up some carrots for a quick salad!

Here's the yummy meal and the icicle lights on my house I promised to take a picture of! (disclaimer: the section that went out was working when my husband put them up!!)

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