Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Recipe Saturday: Curry Chicken & Rice

Tonight was the amazing venture in Indian recipes! I've never actually tried cooking with Indian spices, so I figured curry would be a great way to get into them! Here's the recipe I used:

My critiques:
  • I'd skip the 2 minute sauteing of the spices with the onions and go ahead and add in the other ingredients. 
  • I would add more curry next time.

And here are the pictures from each stage!
First: The yummy ingredients: Clockwise from top: Coconut milk, chicken, tomato paste, all of the spices, onion, and yogurt.

Second: Cooking up the onions in olive oil

Third: Adding in the spices (This part was a bit weird... It just stuck to the bottom of the pan and didn't do much other than annoy me!!)

Fourth: Adding in the rest of the ingredients... It looked great at this point!!

And finally: It's done!!! (the reddish areas is the olive oil that is saturated with spices!)

I made a small bowl for my husband and he LOVED it and got up after his first bite to fill his bowl!! This is DEFINITELY one for the recipe books!

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